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This course is specifically for vacationers and anyone planning their first optimized trips. It is an excellent way to get to know the vast topic of travel hacking and to take the first steps in this area.

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Your Introduction to Hotel Hacking

I have been traveling for 18 years and have been living almost exclusively in hotels worldwide for many years. Over time, I have optimized my systems to the point where I have Elite Status in more than 10 hotel programs and usually live and eat for free in suites at the best hotels in the world. In this program, you will learn how I achieved this and how you can do it too.

You will get an overview of the most important hotel programs, including the strengths and weaknesses I have identified. In this course, you will also create a simple hotel hacking portfolio, and I will show you straightforward hacks to help you start your bookings with Elite Status right from the beginning.

Through the right strategies and hacks, get cheaper or free hotels with suite upgrades and much more. Reduce the highest expense items.

Use the best credit cards for travelhacking globally and optimize their usage. An introduction to status hacking and the cashback loops of the travel-elite.

From now on, fly business class and first class using miles, points, and certificates. Attain airline status through global optimization strategies.

Optimize the booking of rental and luxury cars with the most affordable insurance options.

Enjoy complimentary meals and drinks worldwide in elite lounges, restaurants, and bars.

Maximize relaxation and activities while traveling through optimized spa and sports offerings worldwide.

Fabians first hacked Business Class (Dubai, 2013)

Business-Class and First-Class Flights Cheaper than flying Economy

The vacation or trip usually begins at the airport and on the plane. Therefore, it is very important to optimize the time at the airport and the travel time in the air to the maximum. Business-Class and First-Class tickets can be booked with miles/points and upgrade certificates for a fraction of the cash rates, which significantly reduces travel expenses. Bottlenecks often result from a lack of availability, an aspect that is ignored in numerous other travel hacking programs for marketing reasons.

In the Living Hotels BasiX program, we introduce airport hacking and learn what it takes to hack airline status programs to elevate the flight experience to a new level.

Better car rentals, free elite-lounges and SPAs on Holiday

As a vacationer and occasional traveler, there are many additional optimization possibilities to maximize the travel experience:

These include special hacks to book more luxurious rental cars at significantly lower prices and enjoy free spa experiences. A key aspect is access to special areas for elite members, which can greatly simplify daily travel. This includes elite lounges at airports and hotels. Access to special concierge services and elite hotlines, which significantly reduce the time spent on bookings and handling special requests, makes a significant difference on vacation. This way, you can fully enjoy the exotic destination or time with friends and family.

In the Living Hotels BasiX program, I will show you the first practical hacks in these areas that you can implement immediately to take your next vacation to a new level.

Impression of a life in hotels

Living in Hotels Basix
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Living in Hotels BasiX

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Frequently asked questions

The Living in Hotels BasiX course is currently offered at a limited time special price and will be more expensive in the future.

No, that’s why the group of participants in the Living in Hotels program is kept small. However, we are always finding new hacks, so there will always be ways to outsmart the travel industry.

No, the use is exclusively permitted for private use. Due to the uniqueness and distinctiveness of our hacks, attempts were made by a market participant to copy the content right at the beginning of the pre-course phase. Therefore, we have integrated new security systems to prevent this and also reserve the right to take legal action in such cases.

No, this beginner course is specifically designed for people who don’t travel much or are just vacationers. For frequent travelers, this course can be used as an introduction, but the other Living in Hotels packages (Xtrem or Deluxe) pay off so well that they become a “no-brainer.”

Yes, definitely, our systems are now also geared towards these target groups, as we have more and more participants from these target groups in the program.

The majority of our participants spent most of their time in Airbnbs before participating in the program. However, participants quickly realized that with the right hacks, the hotel industry is much more efficient, cost-effective and reliable than Airbnbs and apartments. Nevertheless, we have also developed systems to make it even more efficient to stay in apartments for short-term rentals.

This has not happened in many years and it is important to learn the limits and experience. Of course, Elite Travelhacking & affiliates assume no responsibility here and you use our secret knowledge and optimization strategies at your own risk.

Most actions that help you with travel hacking are designed so cleverly that they benefit the companies. This means that companies might incur a small loss with some customers but overall profit from customer loyalty and new customers. You will learn how to use these actions to your advantage and enjoy the benefits while others create the actual value of the actions.

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