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All my travelhacks from 18 years of traveling around the world

Due to complete location independence and temporal flexibility, digital nomads can utilize local systems worldwide, thereby hacking all loyalty programs, especially in the hotel industry. This opens up completely new possibilities that were previously known to only a very few travelers. Elite Travelhacking is a program that provides these exclusive hacks only to a small “elite” group to keep them in existence. The price of the program will thus increase with the number of participants.

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Tobias Zepf about Elite Travelhacking and Fabians Coaching

Learn to hack the hotelindustry

I have been traveling for 18 years and have been living almost exclusively in hotels worldwide for many years. By now, I have optimized my systems to the point where I have elite status in more than 10 hotel programs and usually live and eat for free in suites in the best hotels in the world. In this program, you will learn how I achieved this and how you can do it too.

You will get to know every global hotel program in detail, including the strengths and weaknesses I have identified. Additionally, we will examine your credit card configuration to determine how you can maximize your miles cashback and generate effective cashback loops through payment flows.

Fabians first hacked Business Class (Dubai, 2013)

Maximum Optimization - Businessclass and Firstclass Flights

Successful digital nomads and frequent travelers often spend above-average amounts of time in airplanes. Therefore, it is essential to maximize this travel time above the clouds.

Business class and first-class tickets can be booked for a fraction of the cash rates using miles/points and upgrade certificates, resulting in a significant reduction in travel expenses. Shortages often result from a lack of availability, an aspect that is ignored in numerous other travelhacking programs for marketing reasons. In our Elite Travelhacking Circle, professionals discuss this issue to achieve the optimum as an elite group.

Similar to hotel hacking, for location-independent travelers, it’s also easy to hack airline loyalty programs to take the flight experience to another level.

better car rentals, free elite-lounges and spas as a digital nomad

As a frequent traveler and digital nomad, there are many other optimization possibilities to maximize the travel experience:

These include special hacks to book more luxurious rental cars at significantly lower prices and to experience free spa treatments. An essential aspect is also access to special areas for elite members, which can significantly ease the daily travel routine, including elite lounges at airports and hotels. Access to special concierge services and elite hotlines, which significantly reduce the time spent on bookings and handling special requests, makes a significant difference in the life of a successful digital nomad. This allows you to enjoy the exotic country or time with friends and family to the fullest.

Upgrade your lifestyle factor

For digital nomads and frequent travelers, choosing the right hotel is more than just a practical aspect; it’s an essential part of the lifestyle factor. The hotel is not only a place to stay but also serves as an office and creative workspace, making the right choice a top priority. For many of us, accommodation is also the largest expense factor. Therefore, it is crucial to apply the key to optimization in this area to significantly reduce travel costs while increasing the standard of living. In this program, Fabian teaches how significant savings can be achieved in travel costs through targeted adjustments, elevating life on the road to a new level.

Free night in one of the best Luxus Villas (Maldives, 2024)

Living maximally optimized lives in hotels with suite upgrades and much more, all while being location independent. Reduce the highest expenditure items.

Utilize the best credit cards globally for travelhacking and optimize their usage. Learn about the free status and cashback loops of the travel elite.

From now on, fly business class and first class using miles, points, and certificates. Attain airline status through global optimization strategies.

Optimize the booking of rental and luxury cars with the most affordable insurance options.

Enjoy complimentary meals and drinks worldwide in elite lounges, restaurants, and bars.

Maximize relaxation and activities while traveling through optimized spa and sports offerings worldwide.

Enjoy complimentary meals while focusing on your adventure

Fabian and many others in the community have been rarely paying for food and drinks while traveling for years. It’s especially important to maintain high nutritional quality even while on the go, to regain the required energy in the intense travel routine. We’ve optimized the systems to the maximum here.

Meals are often a social experience as well, so it’s equally essential to understand how to include friends, family, partners, or dates in enjoying complimentary drinks and dining to create unforgettable moments together.

Fabian's First Hacked Presidential Suite (Moscow, 2014)

Productivityboost through the right hotel-decision

For many of us, the hotel serves as both a residence, a place of relaxation, and, of course, a workplace; hence, for successful travelers with ongoing businesses, continuous optimization here is particularly important. By integrating the right services and focusing on an optimized work environment even on the go, we enable our participants to noticeably increase their professional successes and workflow. With high status and the right hotel selection, it’s possible to have first-class services, including high-speed internet, room service, separate meeting rooms, and specially designed work areas, available for free. Through active engagement within our travelhacking community, the program becomes a powerful tool for high performers on the road to optimize their online businesses and increase workflow.

Impression of a life in hotels

For a limited number of participants (to keep the hacks applicable)
Heavily discounted bundles:

Coaching: Living in Hotels Deluxe


Price increase after 3 more participants!

This coaching package includes a comprehensive personal coaching with Fabian to get your travelhacking skills and strategies to the next level and offers access to our exclusive Telegram group. After the english Elite Travelhacking Live Webinars and the Elite Travelhacking Videokurs: Living in Hotels are launched you will also gain complimentary access to that packages.

750€ voucher for the Elite Travelhacking Credit Card Services

The package consists of:

Elite Travelhacking Credit Card Services

Limited spaces available

Take the fast track to obtaining US credit cards quickly and easily.
Build and improve your credit score with our expert guidance and assistance. Avoid critical mistakes with our experienced professionals by your side. Gain access to mighty business credit cards for enhanced travelhacking, rewards, and points collection.

750€ voucher redeemable


Individual Products:

Elite Travelhacking Live Webinars

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Elite Travelhacking Personal Coaching

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Elite Travelhacking Videokurs: Living in Hotels

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Elite Travelhacking

1390€ (excl. VAT in your country)

Individual Products:

Elite Travelhacking Live Webinars

1390€ (excl. VAT in your country)

Coming soon

Elite Travelhacking Personal Coaching

4.990€ (excl. VAT in your country)

Elite Travelhacking Videokurs: Living in Hotels

2990€ (excl. VAT in your country)

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Elite Travelhacking

1390€ (excl. VAT in your country)

Whom fits this programm?

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Frequently asked questions

To protect our hacks, our elite group intentionally remains small. Therefore, the price increases as the number of participants grows.

No, the participant group is kept small for that reason. However, we continuously discover new hacks, so there will always be opportunities to outsmart the travel industry.

No, the use is exclusively permitted for private use. Due to the uniqueness and distinctiveness of our hacks, attempts were made by a market participant to copy the content right at the beginning of the pre-course phase. Therefore, we have integrated new security systems to prevent this and also reserve the right to take legal action in such cases.

As soon as you can generally afford hotels, the program is worth it. Since we have specifically optimized systems for budget travelers, you are in perfect hands with us.

After many years of travelhacking, it has become clear that the hacking potential in the hotel industry is by far the highest for the perpetual traveler, as this is the highest expenditure factor and also the place where we generally spend the most time. Nevertheless, we deal with all aspects of travelhacking.

Yes, definitely, our systems are now also geared towards these target groups, as we have more and more participants from these target groups in the program.

The majority of our participants spent most of their time in Airbnbs before participating in the program. However, participants quickly realized that with the right hacks, the hotel industry is much more efficient, cost-effective and reliable than Airbnbs and apartments. Nevertheless, we have also developed systems to make it even more efficient to stay in apartments for short-term rentals.

This has not happened in many years and it is important to learn the limits and experience. Of course, Elite Travelhacking & affiliates assume no responsibility here and you use our secret knowledge and optimization strategies at your own risk.

As with other aspects of the perpetual traveler lifestyle, it is actually the case that the service providers often do not benefit at all when we use their services with all these benefits. Since our group is still so small and inconspicuous, the providers don’t notice that we mostly move around the world completely free of charge. Hotel programs, for example, are traditionally aimed at business travelers or ambitious vacationers. The fact that people act completely independently of location and with flexible timing and hack their way through the world was never taken into account.